School Council

A new school year 2022 - 2023

Every child in school is invited to represent their class. They have to complete a manifesto stating why they should be a councillor and what they would like to achieve. Children in Class 5 will represent Class 1 from September and then mentor Class 1 councillors when they have their elections later in the school year.

As a school we are going to aim to achieve the ‘Eco-Schools Green Flag’ again.

Key Dates

  • 16th September – manifesto deadline
  • w/c 19th September – elections
  • w/c 26th September – meeting
  • w/c 17th October – meeting
  • w/c 21st November – meeting
  • w/c 5th December – meeting
  • w/c 9th January – meeting
  • w/c 6th February – meeting
  • w/c 8th March – meeting
  • w/c 17th April – meeting
  • w/c 15th May – meeting
  • w/c 12th June – meeting
  • w/c 10th July – meeting