Marhamchurch C of E Academy

Together, we can achieve and succeed with God by our side

Our vision is at the core of everything we do and underpins our teaching, learning and environment. It helps develop our children spiritually and our school’s definition of spirituality is: Reflecting and connecting with something bigger than myself. For example, through our Bible studies and learning, we reflect on how we can develop individually in order to become better neighbours, who treat others the way we would like to be treated ourselves and take care of our environment.

Through our vision, we provide an education that helps give our pupils the opportunity to celebrate their talents and develop both socially and academically.

As part of the Christian family, we link our vision to key Bible stories, which enables God to guide and support us every step of the way as well as develop a sense of community and belonging for every child regardless of individual backgrounds.

Our mission, as a Church of England School, is to provide an education that gives all pupils the opportunity to develop within a happy, caring and safe environment grounded upon the values of the Christian faith.

Values: Respect, Compassion, Friendship, Forgiveness, Thankfulness and Creativity.

Each half term, we will focus on our mission statement and one value, which have all been linked to a key Bible story. Year on year, the children will develop their understanding of our mission statement, the values and key Bible stories. For example, each half term, the children will reflect on:

  • What our mission statement and each value means to them?
  • How our mission statement, each value, and Bible story helps them achieve and succeed?

Our Mission: Flourishing Futures

Our school is a part of an inclusive School Trust where everything begins and ends with the children. We want to ensure that we have a profound impact on the future lives of our children so that they have choices and options which will enable them to flourish as they go though life. Quite simply, we put children first in all that we do.

Our School Trust Charter.


Our Vision

We will be an exceptional School Trust. We are committed to social mobility and a culture of belonging. We do this by investing in people enabling every child to be taught by the very best teachers so that we can achieve social change and all children flourish.


We champion opportunity and equality for all and in all that we do.


We invest in each other and our communities.


We are one team and agree to work as one family.