As healthy, confident and resilient children of modern Britain, each child will be supported to understand themselves and others: families, communities and the wider world. In doing this, our children will be supported to develop a deep sense of self worth, self respect, self awareness as well as self discipline.  

Teaching about mental wellbeing is central to all that we do and especially important within this, is children’s happiness. We want our children to be equipped to both face and overcome challenges and develop the character that we know is fundamental to being successful, happy and productive members of society. We want our children to know that they can achieve goals and ambitions, that they have the skills and aptitudes to stick to learning or tasks and that they have the resilience to recover from setbacks that may occur in life. 

Children will learn the building blocks of, and to think critically about, healthy, positive relationships and their active roles within these. By developing children’s emotional literacy, they will have the tools to understand themselves and others and adopt  positive roles in relationships, including those online. Understanding boundaries and rights are key principles of this. With this knowledge and these skills, children will learn to value both  the unique role which each person plays in society and the collective strength of respectful communities in the wider world. Through this, we intend to prepare our children to play  positive roles in the world by making wise choices as well as knowing that asking for help is a proactive and constructive action.